"Ha ha! The reign of Xor-3285 has begun!" ~Xor-3285 after the discovery of the Fallen invasion Ketch on Triton.

Life of Xor Edit

Homeworld Edit

Xor was created on the moon of Europa, in one of the larger cities. He worked as a security guard until the Vex invaded, he managed to flee along with three others: A human named Tiell, an Awoken girl named Vallerie, and an Exo named Mirage.

Breaking up Edit

It was not long afterwards that the group Xor had escaped with decided to go their separate ways.

The Guardians Edit

Not long after he had been separated from his fellow refugees, Xor found his way to earth. He became quick friends with Cayde-6 and convinced Hunter Vanguard to allow him to join the Guardians, regardless of the absence of a connection to the Traveler.

The first mission Edit

Until this point Xor seemed to do very little for the Tower to the common eye. Although he was really doing his best to manipulate the Guardians into fighting as many Vex as possible, revenge for the invasion of his homeworld.

Although he was not prepared when he was summoned by Zavala, the Titan Vanguard introduced him to Trinity Eversteel and Kei Dragdoul, a Titan and Warlock. They proceeded to take down a Fallen invasion fleet, even through the loss of the Warlock Kei Dragdoul.

After the Mission/End Edit

Xor spent much time after that searching for Kei with the company of Trinity Eversteel. In the end all they found was his Warlock bond, Bond of Guardians.

finished with his search, Trinity and him parted ways and he was given command of a stealth corp by Cayde-6. They hunted Vex on Venus until they were all killed in an ambush by an unknown Vex mind.

Skills Edit

Xor has always been talented in the field of stealth and was taught a lot about weapons mechanics by Teill during the invasion of his homeworld. He shows evidence of this by combining the two traits to invent new cloaking technology. A couple of examples would be the AoE stealth Grenade, as well as a new kind of cloaking that renders its user invisible to both sight and sound.

Trivia Edit

  • Xor was never a Guardian, as he was never granted powers from the Traveler.
  • Xor had romantic interests in both Vallerie and Trinity, although he failed to act on either of them.
  • Xor's death came moments before the Cabal invasion on The Last City

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